I represent a London based women’s group advising on dating

WOMEN: You have no idea how many questions men have about us! Make an extra income from answering their questions.

MEN: Welcome in. Date smarter!

- - -


Message me and I will connect you to the woman who will best answer your questions. I will connect you with her after payment of the finder’s fee stated above in this post.


Your main responsibility:

Open the eyes of men to how women date.

How much do you make?

Set your own price for calls, messages, or meetings.


Basic listening skills and knowledge of the current dating world.

How does it work?

I filter men and their questions. I check your profile for possible matches. I connect you with the candidates

(I take a finder’s fee directly from the men).

Message me to get in touch and to know more about each other.

Want to open your own group. Let me coach you for free.

Language(s) spoken?:
How can we connect?:
No connection required/ Posting only
Platform messaging
Snapchat stories
Phone call
Video conference
Personal E-Mail
Meetup in person
WhatsApp/ We chat

Public discussion (3)

Fabien g

Fabien Gaillard

12 months ago

So innovative!

Edward w

Edward Wright

12 months ago

How is your group coming along?

Mary t

Mary Twainster

12 months ago

So far my friends have met more than 10 people!

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