Calling all UK backpackers!

The idea is to build the largest UK backpacking Q&A ever!

Backpackers who can share experience:

Post a listing with your destinations in the title. Tell us about your experiences. Follow me so I can add you to the group. Name your price for sharing your experiences. I will redirect you “clients” based on your posts and your profile, if they are interested. If I find candidates, I will direct them to you after payment of my finder’s fee stated above.

Backpackers in need of information:

Message me with your requested information. I will look for the best people who can share you their experience of traveling to your destination.

It would be great to have more groups of traveler testimonials. Open one on a specific destination or a specific purpose of travel (Adventure, Foodie, History, Wedding, Business, etc.). Open it so that we can keep on hacking the travel industry!

Want to open your own group? Let me coach you! Message me directly for details. Read more about opening a group at

Language(s) spoken?:
How can we connect?:
No connection required/ Posting only
Platform messaging
Snapchat stories
Phone call
Video conference
Personal E-Mail
Meetup in person
WhatsApp/ We chat

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Thomas g

Thomas Gart

12 months ago

Inbox me! I have 8 candidates for you!

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