We visit flats for busy people (Paris area only)

Apartment searchers: Message me with your apartment requests, along with any specific features you are searching for. I will get back to you with one of my scouts after payment of my finder’s fee.

Apartment Scouts: Join my group! I will send you jobs. Tell me the area you can cover to visit apartments.

Visit apartments, take pictures and record videos to help searchers make the best decision.

Desired availability: At least 5 free hours during the week

Requirement: Have a smart phone with camera, understanding of homes and feature. Eye for detail.

How does it work?

1- I receive orders

2- I check your availability

3- I check your location to match apartments in your neighborhood

4- I send you the mission, you say yes or no

5- I get 25% of the final price. I pay you when I receive the pics, videos and feedback as proof. Payment by Paypal transfer (you must have a Paypal account).

Want to open your own group? Let me coach you! Message me directly for details.

Read more about opening a Planscoop.it group at http://groups.planscoop.it

Language(s) spoken?:
How can we connect?:
No connection required/ Posting only
Platform messaging
Snapchat stories
Phone call
Video conference
Personal E-Mail
Meetup in person
WhatsApp/ We chat

Public discussion (2)

Fabien g

Fabien Gaillard

12 months ago

Very prompt service! Something huge!

Edward w

Edward Wright

12 months ago

This service should exist in every city!

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