Working at or wanting to work at Google, FB or Twitter?

My job is to help qualified candidates get a chance at a job in these companies. I get the scoop about the latest job vacancies, directly leaked from employees of these companies.

Interested in landing a job at one of these companies?

Message me!

Working at one of these 3 companies? Want to make extra money?

Read some of the resumés I can send you and only push to decision-makers the ones you consider relevant.

At no time will I ask you to breach the confidentiality policy at your company.

How much do you make?

From $20 USD to $30 USD for forwarding a resumé.

Requirement: Have a job at one of the 3 companies stated above.

How does it work?

First, I filter CVs, I check your professional area, your recommended office location, and search for possible matches.

If there’s a match, I connect you with the candidates (after payment of my finder’s fee, taken directly from candidates).

To be eligible, first I need you to list your profile and post how you can help (naming your price for the service). Doing so, you can quickly charge for any connection I refer you. Then please follow my group so that I know you are available for these kinds of referrals.

If you prefer to maintain anonymous, no worries, just message me privately. I can charge the client for you, and then pay you back with Paypal.

Want to open your own group? Let me coach you! Message me directly for details.

Read more about opening a group at

Language(s) spoken?:
How can we connect?:
No connection required/ Posting only
Platform messaging
Snapchat stories
Phone call
Video conference
Personal E-Mail
Meetup in person
WhatsApp/ We chat

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Donatella j

Donatella Johns

12 months ago

I know at least 5 friends of mine interested. I will send you their information contacts if you want to test your service with them.


Oliver Riesling

12 months ago

Thanks Donatella!

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