Connect with buddies from creative agencies

We are a group of creatives from advertising agencies who buy and sell our best plans between ourselves.

What kind of plans: Best restaurants, clubbing spots, alternative traveling testimonials, outdoor activities, cinema and music news trends spotting, etc.

Want to buy plans from people working at creative agency? Message me and I will direct you to the best madman in your city.

Working at an advertising agency?

Have plans off the beaten path in your respective city?

Share your trendsetting plans, and get paid for it!

How does it work?

I get contacted by people willing to get out of their routine in their city. I check your profile to see if you are a possible match.

I connect you with the searcher (after payment of my finder’s fee).

I‘m overwhelmed by demand! Take time to post what plans you have in the city and share me the URL of your post so that I know I can consider you when responding to the demand.

Want to open your own group? Let me coach you! Message me directly for details.

Language(s) spoken?:
How can we connect?:
No connection required/ Posting only
Platform messaging
Snapchat stories
Phone call
Video conference
Personal E-Mail
Meetup in person
WhatsApp/ We chat

Public discussion (2)


Oliver Riesling

1 years ago

Awesome dude! I will buy again from Edward. Thanks Don Draper!

Thomas g

Thomas Gart

12 months ago

You pay $10 USD to get connected to one of these Madmen. Then consider an extra $25 USD to $30 USD to book a customized conversation with one of them. I was doubtful because it was not a plan directly from a Planscooper but of his friends. I was wrong. Edward is aware of it and makes sure you are 100% satisfied with the information you receive. His contacts are very cool.

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