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Starting running isn’t as easy as lacing up your runners and heading out the door.

There’s three distinct phases you need to go through, and the older you are and the less history of running you have the longer you’ll need to spend on each of these stages.

Running Stage 1 – Walk/Run Intervals

Running Stage 2 – Build Strength, Endurance, & Stability

Running Stage 3 – Speed Work

Running may be the simplest of sports, but designing and implementing proper training can be complex. Books and magazines offer a good knowledge base but come up short when tailoring plans to your individual needs—and they don’t offer the moral support and encouragement that a human does.

Ideally, we would all have a knowledgeable local coach to meet with on a weekly basis, but such individuals are often hard to find and may not have the credentials you’re looking for.

The solution to these problems might be to hire me online.

$25 USD/ Hour

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Public discussion (3)

Kathleen j

Kathleen Jauris

12 months ago

First time I heard about a Running coach by Skype!

Fabien g

Fabien Gaillard

12 months ago

I gave it a try! Thomas raises your level of commitment! I qualified for the Boston Marathon!

Edward w

Edward Wright

12 months ago

If it’s been your dream to make the famous trek from Hopkinton to Copley Square, then Thomas can be your coach with the experience and the knowledge to get you there.

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